Hall of Fame

Hamilton Theatre Inc. has seen many very talented people come through it’s doors. Some are now very famous and include:

Two of our former members who also did shows with us in the 1970’s are currently doing very well. They are Jim White who’s currently involved as both an actor and director in theatre and television and Timothy Alex who is a Broadway actor.

There are several members and former members whose names you might recognize, they are: Dean Hollin, Tom Trouten, Pat Dawson, Alex Koetting, Ellin Irmish, Victoria Snow, Carolyn Scott, Barbara Lynn Redpath, Tim Denis, Charles (Tony) Azulay, Telmo Miranda, Tim Koetting, Marc Richard, Jane Hailes, Phil Luzi, David Playfair, Leslie Kay, Norma Molyneaux, Jake Sim and Nick Cordero.