The Hamilton Theatre was created by a group of individuals striving to see their dream become reality.  In the Spring of 1956, after rehearsing and working in a few places, this young vibrant group presented its first show titled, “South Pacific”. During the next four years, this growing theatre company rehearsed in church basements or wherever they could, taking time to build sets in garages and old warehouses which enabled them to bring more Broadway musicals to Hamilton.

In 1960, The Hamilton Theatre Company incorporated to become Hamilton Theatre Inc. (HTI).  And in that same year, with the assistance of the City of Hamilton, HTI’s headquarters moved from above a restaurant on King Street to the Old Firehall at the corner of Strathcona and Head Streets. For 25 years, that location served as HIT’s headquarters until 1987 when they moved again to their current location on McNab St. North.  This accomplishment was achieved once again through the City of Hamilton as well as through a Wintario Grant, which was key in helping make the move possible.

HTI has always strived to provide the Hamilton community with an outlet to present the “Best of Broadway”. Even though for many members, muscial theatre is just a hobby rooted from their passion and creativity, some of them have gone on to starring in movies, television as well as Broadway.  This ties in to two highly important mandates:  one is to provide our members with the necessary training if they want to achieve success in the professional world of theatre, either as performers or technicians, and the other, is to entertain the Hamilton community.

If you have any pictures, playbills, tickets, posters, or memorabilia from the Hamilton Theatre Inc’s past productions that you are willing to share please send an e-mail to HTIarchives@gmail.com